Confusing the singular and plural suggests an alternative way of being in which self and other share definitions. The individual expands and opposites contract. We are uncertain of our boundaries.
My work embraces doubt as a way of knowing—redundancy as a performance of doubt. With an interdisciplinary approach that includes printmaking, weaving, installation, and poetry, I am interested in repetition. In simultaneous twos. In redundancy and its power to influence how we view and tolerate contradictions. 
Areas of uncertainty that repeatedly come into focus include language, time, the body, and the body politic. Here, borders are rewritten, data reshuffled. My work offers no conclusion nor call to action. Instead, it acts in tentetive gestures of unravelling, rejoining. My expansive approach to materials and themes is rooted in this hope: that what seems irreconcilable might be—ideally—redundant.